Wednesday, July 30, 2008

pitchfork- saturday

I took my Cannon 35mm from the 80s to take pictures, which explains the lack of upclose, high-definition portraits. I sadly fucked up my first roll, so I'm missing a few. Luckily I had my crappy digital camera as backup, all 5 megapixes of it! Full set here

1:30 - Jay Reatard. Got to watch this while waiting in the rain for Caribou. I'm pretty excited about this new surge of garage rock. Jay Reatard is on the far, more punk end of things.
Jay Reatard - "See Saw" [via Pitchfork]

2:00 - Caribou. They took a while to set up, but it was well worth it when the sun came out to "Melody Day." The sad thing about seeing a band like Caribou live is that my favorite parts of their music are the small details, none which are fully realized at a live show. Most of the songs were a little bass heavy, but "She's the One" was perfect.
Caribou - "She's The One (Kelley Polar Remix)" [zshare]
(warning: incredibly silly)

3:00 - Fleet Foxes. Definitely on the rise. Down in the photo pit, everyone was surprised at how intense the sub woofer was for a cute indie folk set. Towards the end of the set, I left and got a popsicle from The Ice Cream Man and sat in the shade. Absolutely perfect.
Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal (Black Dominoes Remix) [zshare]

3:15 - Fuck Buttons. Stopped by to grab a picture. Sort of a disappointing lack of energy.

4:00 - Dizzee Rascal. Only got to see a bit from the side stage, but the crowd was a complete dance party.
Dizzee Rascal & Calvin Harris - "That's Not My Name (Ting Tings Cover)" [zshare]

4:15 - The Ruby Suns. Our favorites! They came up to Middlebury College in April for WRMC's Sepomena. Sadly, this time it was just Ryan and Amee, no Imogen. Losing a third of the performance was disappointing, but I'm still a sucker for their afro-beat/polynesian Beach Boy vibe.
Ruby Suns - "Gibble" [zshare]

5:00 - Vampire Weekend. My second time to see them in a month. Their performance was incredibly tight, but exactly the same as their Bonnaroo set. Frontman/Dreamboat Ezra does some pretty silly commentary. At Bonnaroo he asked the crowd, "Do you guys believe in collective conscious? It's science.." None of that at Pitchfork, but he did make us sing along.

6:00 - !!!. This was my first time seeing !!!, and I was not disappointed. Even the photo pit was dancing and singing along. They all have such an energetic, contagious stage presence, it's impossible to not have fun.

7:00 - The Hold Steady. I'll be honest, I'm really not a Hold Steady fan. I don't dislike them, but they've never really grabbed me. Incredibly talented, though, and I enjoyed their show more than their albums.

7:30 - Atlas Sound. He started late, but was on stage talking to the crowd and smoking for a while. I don't know if anyone beyond the pit and front row heard him, but he just went on for a while about how he was building a studio and hadn't really had time to put together a set. Instead, he just led us through a very "organic" set, which was really just all over the place. Had some pretty moments, and his music definitely fits this kind of performance, but I still felt like we missed out a bit.
Atlas Sound - "My Car" [zshare]

8:25 - No Age. Leaders in the garage rock revival, and by far my favorites. I love their sound: grunge rock with pop's energy and melodies.

Left to right: Geologist, Avery Tare, Panda Bear
9:00 - Animal Collective. Oh, dear god. I have been waiting to see Animal Collective for so long. The disappointing thing about Animal Collective is, like my family, they're never there all at once. We had Panda Bear, Geologist and Avery Tare. Has anyone even seen Deakin? They tackled Panda Bear's "Comfy in Nautica" as well as AC's "Fireworks" and their new song "Lion in a Coma." Check out those crazy lights! I was about to have a seizure in the pit.
Animal Collective - "Purple Bottle (Stevie Wonder Version)" [zshare]

And then I went and got some pizza.

Vampire Weekend - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

Is it just me, or is this video kinda dumb?

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

Maybe I didn't spend enough active years in the 80s and just don't "get it." John Hughes + Thriller + The Cure. That's basically the 1980s, right?


What a perfect surprise. I just got back from a long lunch (Popeyes—check. Tommy Boy— check) and my feedreader was crazy with xxxchange!

It's all of xxchange's favorite film scores, and the selection is amazing. They're all of my favorite songs that I thought no one else liked... These guys, like Mark Mothersbough, etc. are definite geniuses. It would be my dream job to score films. Dream on.

xxxchange - We Make It Good Series Vol. 4

Check out the tracklist with xxxchange comments and my own...

*1. Lattice of Coincidence/Acid intro (Repo Man 1984)*

*2. Kenny Rogers& the First Edition - Just Dropped in(to See What Condition My Condition Was in)*
    featured prominently in 1998's "The Big Lebowsk," where the Choen brothers made a music video of sorts out of it.
[The perfect roadtrip song]

*3. Isaac Hayes -Three Tough Guys (End Theme)*
"Three Tough Guys Original" Soundtrack (1974)

*4. Henry Mancini- Police Woman (theme)*
This is the theme music for a television show of the same name which aired from 1974-1978 and later inspired the hit show "Charlie's Angels"
[Just got a set of Mancini's TV themes & 60s pop hits. "Sanford & Son" definitely wins.]

*5. The Rolling Stones- Gimmie Shelter*
    Usually featured at least once in every Martin Scorcese movie ever made, as many as three times in  "the Departed?" (2006)

*6. Ben Charest - Bellville Rendezvous*
    this is the main theme for "les Triplettes of Bellville" (2003) one of my personal favorite movies as the two main themes are A.Music created with household objects and B.Cycling
[I think Triplettes of Bellville and Wall-E have the same appeal in their small dialogue scripts]

*7. Tangerine Dream - Love on a Real Train*
    Most memorably featured in 1983's "Risky Business" but also appeared recently in "the Squid and the Whale"(2005)

*8. (reprise) London Symphony Orchestra - Gimmie Shelter*

*9. Harry Belafonte - "Day-o"*
    featured along with another excellent Belafonte cut "Jump in the Line" in Tim Burton's "BeetleJuice" (1988)
[When I was in the Miss Preteen Arkansas pageant (seriously), we had to a dance to this song. Ask me about it sometime and I'll show you.]

*10. Daniel Johnston- Mountain Dew*
    From the 2005 documentary "The Devil In Daniel Johnston"
[Great movie... hilarious promo]

*11. Mohammed Rafi - Jaan Pehechan-Ho*
    from the classic 1966 Bollywood musical "Gumnaam," also featured with this footage from the original movie in the opening sequence of "Ghost World" in 2001.
[This was my THEME when 'Ghost World' came out. Apparently no one has any idea who the band is.]

*12. George Baker - Little Green Bag*
    Reservoir Dogs (1992)

*13. The Plugz - El Clavo y la Cruz*
    Repo Man (1984)

*14. John Wayne interlude (Repo Man 1984)*
["John Wayne was a FAG"... "That doesn't mean he was a homo, a lotta straight guys like to watch their buddies fuck."]

*15. Curtis Mayfield -  "Short Eyes/ Free Free Free"*
    "Short Eyes" Original Soundtrack (1977)

*16. "Blush Response" Interlude (Bladerunner 1982)*

*17. Peter Gabriel " In Your Eyes"*
    Prominently featured in 1989's "Say Anything," where John Cusak plays this song for some lady, then later, does sex to her in the back of a car.
[what does 'does sex to her' mean? This song always reminds me of Toto]

*18. Vangelis - Blush Response *
     Bladerunner original soundtrack (1982)

*19. Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme*
Originally Composed by Mr. Hammer for the tv series "Miami Vice" in 1987

*20. Air - Alone in Kyoto*
 I suspect this was actually composed for the 2003 Sofia Coppola film  "Lost in Translation," then later released on their 2004 "Talkie Walkie" LP. been wrong before though!
[Not sure about 'Lost in Translation'... the song is a bit out of place on "Talkie Walkie."]

*21. "Bill Murray" interlude*
(coffee and cigarettes)

*22. The GreeneHornes ft. Holly Golightly - There is an End*
I felt obligated to include at least one song from a Jim Jarmush Movie on this mix. "I Put a Spell On You" (stranger than Paradise) seemed like it might be too obvious so I chose, instead this wonderful song from "Broken Flowers" (2005)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Chromeo Vid, New LA Riots Mix, Crash Overdrive

Chromeo just released a vid for 'Momma's Boy', one of my fav songs off of Fancy Footwork. Its all black and white, and sorta slow, but so is the song so it works. Check it

In other news, the LA Riots just released a new mix they did for radio. Its pretty sweet. Check the track listing.

And of course, the mix

LA Riots - TCM Mix

While were on the topic of LA artists, this guy, Crash Overdrive, sent me some of his stuff recently. Its really grungy, dare i say justicey, and just plain killer.

After a little email correspondence, he let me know that he didnt want to have a lot of info about himself on the blogosphere, hed rather let the music do the talking. Respect. He says "The core idea behind Crash Overdrive was to create huge dancefloor destroyers" and "the Crash Overdrive theme is still solidifying from a foggy concept of implied cyber punk references, [but] the music itself already where I'd like it to be. There is already a live set created." I for one, can't wait to hear more from this guy. He has a few sweet tracks up for download on his myspace, including an awesome mix of Stevie Nicks' Edge of Seventeen.

Crash Overdrive - Edge of Seventeen Mix (YSI)

Crash Overdrive - Edge of Seventeen Mix (zShare)

Crash Overdrive - Crash and Burn (YSI)
Crash Overdrive - Crash and Burn (zShare)


Monday, July 28, 2008

Potty Mouth Music

Im really feeling Chicago's fidget house scene. Its really fabulous. Potty Mouth Records has just been started up by James Amato. Hes signed Crookers (Italy), Santiago & Bushido (Chicago), Hijack (UK), Dj Fame (New York), The Bulgarian (UK), Heavyfeet (UK), Cops & Robbers (Chicago), Electric Soulside (Belgium), Andy George (UK), Scott Cooper (UK), Klaus Hill (Australia), Mightyfools (Netherlands), Adam Bozzetto (Australia), Alias (Toronto), Chris James & Lee Dearn (UK), Urchins (UK) and Pette Vaydex (Ljubljana, Slovenia). Obviously, the most famous out of that list is Crookers. However, some of the others are starting to take some of the spotlight, particularly Santiago and Bushido, and Mightyfools.

Check them out. Im linking a couple of hot mixes, and also a couple sweet tracks.
Dig it

Crookers - Summer Mix

Santiago & Bushido - Live at Smartbar July 2k8

Oh Snap!! - I'm Too Fat To Be a Hipster (Mightyfools Remix) (YSI)

Oh Snap!! - I'm Too Fat To Be a Hipster (Mightyfools Remix) (zShare)

The Bulgarian Ft Spoek - Jack It Like A Zombie (Santiago & Bushido Mix) (YSI)
The Bulgarian Ft Spoek - Jack It Like A Zombie (Santiago & Bushido Mix) (zShare)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

James Pants

James Pants is getting lots of love from his label, Stones Throw. Hes an electro artist, but not in the way that he makes dance tracks. His stuff could be defined as experimental, except that its vetted by a big label. So, im going to define it as 'taking a little time to get to know, maybe hating it for a few minutes, but eventually deciding you want to take it out for dinner and a movie'. His debut album, 'Welcome' came out just a lil while ago. But its worth picking up if you dont have it.

If your unconvinced, watch him mess around in Egyptian gear in 'Cosmic Rapp'

And then download the tracks i gots for ya.

James Pants - Finger on the Knife (YSI)
James Pants - Finger on the Knife (zShare)

James Pants - We're Through (YSI)
James Pants - We're Through (zShare)

Rock it

Friday, July 25, 2008

Too Much New Stuff

Ive got sorta an overflow of stuff to post right now. Im going to start off with what ive been listening to most over the last couple days. Namely, the Dead Disco Drivers. Phase02 did an interview with them recently, which you can check out here. However, if you really hunt, there can be found a couple more sweet tracks in the blogworld.
Heres a couple

Dead Disco Drivers - Metric Dance (YSI)
Dead Disco Drivers - Metric Dance (zShare)

House of Pain - Jump Around (Dead Disco Drivers Jump Funny Remix) (YSI)
House of Pain - Jump Around (Dead Disco Drivers Jump Funny Remix) (zShare)

They are 21dB and Von Unten, two DJ's from Belgium, two neighbors from Belgium, and two longtime freinds from Belgium. They only started up in 2007, and i expect big things from them. Check out their free mixtapes on their myspace.

Im going to limit myself to two artists today, otherwise ill be blogging for hours. Last up for today is Anton Glamb. Hes based in NYC, by way of Hawaii. His first album, Do It!, is pretty damn sweet. If you go to his myspace, you can find some tracks for download. I would recommend grabbing them over there. However, i could not resist posting 'You Give Me a Boner'.

Anton Glamb - You Give Me a Boner (YSI)

Anton Glamb - You Give Me a Boner (zShare)

Peace out

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Remember when i blogged about M.anifest? Hes recently teamed up with Krukid, this cat from Uganda. Im a big fan of the project, called A.R.M. Their style is african influenced beats with socially concientious rap. Both these cats have received numerous accolades, M.anifest was voted Twin Cities Songwriter of the Year, and Krukid's first two albums garnered a buncha fanfare.

The two tracks they sent me are really on point. Check em out.

A.R.M - Delilah (YSI)
A.R.M - Delilah (zShare)

A.R.M - Uprisin' (YSI)
A.R.M - Uprisin' (zShare)

Rock it

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

50th Post/Show Review: Ting Tings at 930 Club

50 posts. I guess thats not really a huge number. But its a cool one anyways. Hopefully more than just a couple of my freinds are reading the blog at this point, and i hope its been good for you like its been good for me. Feel free to drop me comments if you think my musical choices are a) retarded, or b) enlightened or c) somewhere in the middle. Oh, and if any of you readers make good music, send it to me and ill try to accomodate. Loves ya!

Anyways, The Ting Tings played 9:30 Club in DC tonight. They came on after a sweet set by DC local DJ Will Eastman. Their set was ridiculously high energy, Katie White was like a little demon on stage. She was running around, dancing her heart out. The crowd ate it up, well at least to the third or fourth row. Then the crowd sorta sucked. Ah well. The only song that reached the whole audience was 'Great DJ'. The chorus had everyone jumping. Ballller. After that, they played Traffic Light, which sorta quieted things down. They then came back with the biggest song of their set was 'Shut Up and Let Me Go'. Their live version was amazing. They had a great rappor, and Katie White got up to some antics on the stage. She first threw her guitar, then wailed on a huge drum for like a minute before knocking it off of its stand. Then she grabbed a cowbell and just went at it. She must have had like 12 Red Bulls before the show. I wonder if they sponser her. Hmmm... Anyways, after 'Shut Up', they walked. This was 40 minutes after they picked up their instruments. What??? Who plays a 40 minute set to a full house? It really threw me. They came back about a minute later for an encore, playing 'Impacilla Carpisung', but after that they left. Either they wanted to just roll out, or they had nothing left to play. They did play their whole album, but they could have played us a couple covers, or demos for new stuff, or anything. But they walked. It was pretty dissapointing.

Well, they did play one hell of a show, even if it was way too short. Rockstars will be rockstars i guess. Also, sorry i dont have any pictures, i was dumb enough to forget my camera. Rough. If any of you have pics, feel free to send em. Otherwise ill troll the internet tomorrow and see what i can find.

Codebreaker - Riviera on the Moon (Will Eastman Remix)

The Ting Tings - Great DJ

PS. Dharma Bum (you know, that guy thats nominally on my blogging team but doesnt do shit) started up a film blog, Unreeled. Check it.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Electro Love

Electro love anthems arent that common. or honestly, usually very good. However, there are a few that are really somethin.

The Twelves new song (not a remix) is about getting a drunken girl to take pictures of them. and basically that shes great even tho shes passing out and all that jazz. Check it out.

The Twelves - Works For Me (YSI)

Next up is a track off of Webbafied Does it Justice. His rework of Valentine makes even cold hearted $ara say 'awwww'. I love it.

Webbafied - Valentine (YSI)

And duh, heres a link to Webbafied Does it Justice.

Hope you or maybe your lady friend enjoy

PS, zshare is being a bitch, so ill add links later.
PPS, if you really dig robo love, Daft Punk's Electroma is Netflixable as of tomorrow. YEAAAAAAAAA

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Back to my Roots

Back when i started working at the college radio station, i was in a huge classic rock phase. Like thats all i would listen too, to the exclusion of all else good. It was when i started reviewing albums that got sent into the station that my perceptions started to do a little shift. A few of those albums were just classic. Some were shit. This album, 'Wyla?' by Copperpot, is simply great. I still listen to it all the time.

I know this isnt the typical Aural Satisfaction fare, but sometimes you gotta go back and pay homage t0 albums that changed your outlook on music. And this one definitely did that for me. Here are a couple tracks to check.

Copperpot - Modern Vampires (YSI)
Copperpot - Modern Vampires (zShare)

Copperpot - Blow (YSI)

Copperpot - Blow (zShare)

Pick up Wyla on Itunes here.

Rock on

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well, this weekend I'm earning my hipster wings. I am going to Pitchfork. I like to pretend that going to Pitchfork will be a little like my birthright trip to Israel. Like, we'll all get to know eachother and discover what it means to be so into music to the point of being antisocial. But there probably won't be teambuilding exercises.

Anyways, a few MP3s to get y'all excited. All remixes, for fun. And I guess that's what we like, here.

In the spirit of Tay's last post:
Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen (No Age Remix) [MediaFire]

Caribou - She's the One (Hot Chip Remix) [MediaFire]

High Places - Head Spinz (Hawnay Troof Remix) [MediaFire]

Holy Fuck!

These guys from Canada have a great name. Just special. They also have a pretty sweet sound. They make vaguely electro music with mostly unelectronic tools. Like, gasp, a real drum kit! Anyways, ive been feeling a few of their tracks recently, so i thought id throw them up.

Much Love

Holy Fuck - Milkshake (YSI)

Holy Fuck - Milkshake (zShare)

Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen (YSI)
Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen (zShare)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Too Many Fish: The Webbafied Interview

Thats right. This is the big feature. My man Webbafied hit me up with an interview today. We discussed his music, hes plans, and most specifically, his new musical project Too Many Fish. The band consists of Webbafied and Molecule, a producer from Paris. They recently finished up a few songs, but the band is really really new. Check out the songs on the myspace, they are DOPE.

Heres the interview transcript (with a couple clarifications).

AS: How you doin today?

Webbafied: Good good, thanks a lot for taking the time to interview me.

So, before we discuss your newest project, I wanna get a little more info on your musical stylings and then maybe a little on past projects. You appear all over the internet, rapping over different genres of music and being interviewed by people worldwide. How do you feel your non-central approach to rising to fame sets you apart from the cats that push for local then regional then national recognition?

I think today with change in music industry, you need to use the internet to rep independent music. I could spend tons of time in New York just getting the word out, handing out flyers, but the internet lets me go global. Me personally, I use the internet as artillery, so it helps me to get shows in Paris, UK, Germany, all over the world.

Do you have a preference for what genre you rap over?

My selection of tracks goes in many directions and I feel that I have a great versatility with the music I rap over. My music is like a chameleon it changes all the time. I can take lots of different stuff and use it. Like for instance the Justice project, my friends were like What? Because it was so different from what I normally did. But I say “if its hot its hot”. The stuff I’ve been doing lately is mostly electro, but I worked with a live band pretty recently. Sky’s the limit

Cool Cool. So lets talk about your past projects. The first thing that jumps into my mind is the Webbafied Does it Justice album. I know you showed it to the guys at Ed Banger, what’s the status now?

Well, we just partied, I handed shit out, chilled with the Ed banger crew. Busy P was buying me drinks all night. The party was quaint, 200 people on a boat in goin around the Seine in Paris. It was a great experience. I told them about the project, handed out some albums. The project was very organic, my brother DJ Vinyl Richie showed me the album, I just started freestyling over it, and then we just decided to do the project. So getting the chance to hang with those guys months later was surreal. Since the party, I haven’t had much feedback from Ed Banger. I just wanted to get it out there and be like you did your project, and I did mine, check it out. I wanted to get it out there and I did that.

The making of Webbafied Does it Justice

Also, you’ve been recording with Phonk Addiction (a European live Jazz band) pretty recently. How did that work out?

Damn, you did your research! I like that. Well I went on a tour, 9 shows 13 days, all over Europe. UK, Germany, France. One of my DJs spread the music around and Phonk Addiction called me up as soon as I got back to New York and asked me to be the lead singer for their band. It was like a dream to do a live band project, like The Roots. It was cool to jam in the studio and direct them, like tell my bassist ‘pick up this lick’, my drummer, ‘change that beat a little’. The project is almost done, their just doing some final mixing, and its gonna be called ‘Birth To Burial.’ It’s a concept album going from the birth of a child to the death of a man or woman.

Webbafied with Phonk Addiction

Alright, onto Too Many Fish. You and Molecule have teamed up on some tracks before, yea?

Yea, I did some work on Molecule’s first album. I did the intro and two tracks. He’s a friend of friend, so we worked together, going favor for favor. I got some exposure, he got my lyrical abilities on his tracks.

How did you guys come up with the name Too Many Fish?

We had so many ideas, and none of us could agree on one. I’d come up with one and Molecule or Vinyl Ritchie wouldn’t like it or the manager wouldn’t like it. So eventually we just came up with a few that we liked the most and voted on them. Too Many Fish is us, me and Molecule are two of the fish. Molecule is so eclectic, he does disco, dubstep, all kinds of stuff. So were trying to change hip hop, like back in the day it was all about dancing. Now its like ‘lean back’, these guys don’t try to dance anymore they just go to put their mark on the wall. It’s like taboo with these East Coast Rappers. Like me, I wanna dance. I like to dance, when I go to the club I want to get it poppin. So this album is about trying to get people dancing. I’m really excited about this project, tryin to spread the word and pull in some new fans.

Are you and Molecule planning to team up on tour, or just in the studio?

Molecule is really busy. He has a huge reputation all over Europe. He even gets shows in Poland and shit. So he has lots of shows, features in magazines, this guy is doing his thing. So we should be doing some touring real soon, but now it’s about getting the music out there and generating buzz. This is actually the first interview I’m doing where I talk about Too Many Fish. The project is very new.

Who do you feel has more creative direction in the band or do you guys split pretty even?

Its pretty even, Molecule brings a really keen ear to the table, his talent for mixing and arranging. He’s very talented, plays tons of instruments. There are no samples in this album, its all original. He’s the producer. And of course I bring the lyrics to the table. Hip Hop has like a formula now, a 16 bar verse and an 8 bar then verse, then you loop it and its your song. Molecule creates like a symphony or a movie with the songs. There are peaks and valleys in his compositions. Like he’ll make the beat and I’ll rap over it then he’ll sit down and throw more instruments over it. The concepts of the album are a lot based around love and relationships, simple concepts, so even though he’s French, he can pick up on the theme of the song pretty well. He speaks English, but not perfectly. So we split the direction pretty 50/50.

Should we expect a release pretty soon?

I don’t know. At this point I don’t have an estimate. I want to get some more songs out on the myspace and blogs like yours first. Generate some hype. I’m also trying to put together a video shoot for Subway Girl. I’m putting lots of effort into getting the music out ASAP.

From the four tracks I’ve seen so far, I’m really excited. Is there any other info about the band you wanna get out onto the web?

Hit the myspace, Drop some comments, go to the Webbafied does it Justice Project,, and download the tape for free. Be on the lookout for more stuff to come. Check out the songs and tell your friends.

Ok, well before we wrap things up, where can we expect you to be over the next few months? Studio? Touring?

I’ll be in NYC, Brooklyn specifically. I’ve got a lot for family stuff to deal with, working on promoting this project, getting the word out. Trying to save up some money so I can get back over to Europe in the fall, to finalize the Phonk Addiction stuff and work with Molecule.

Are there any acts you’ve been following recently? Anyone you want to Shout Out?

Svengali Bros., my man Iron Solomon, my man Vanguard, DJ Vinyl Richie. Those guys are like my original squad, and were trying to finish up their album ‘Crime and Punishment.’ Also wanna shout out End of the Weak (, We’re worldwide, UK, France, Brazil, Argentina. The International championship is in London in October, so I’m looking forward to that. Its gonna be real.

And just out of curiosity, if you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

I think I would wanna be invincible, so I could live forever, and see what happens. Lots of people wanna see how things would fall out, and yea that’s something that would interest me. See how things turn out when everything is said and done. And of course… you know like catch bullets with my teeth. I would have said flying, but if you crash then it’s all over, so yea I’d go with invincibility.

Thanks a ton for your time, Im looking forward to hearing more of the new project!

So there you have it guys, the first interview for Aural Satisfaction, and an awesome interview it was. Shout out to WEBBAFIED, and everyone better check out the Too Many Fish project. To wet your apetite, ive got a) a link to the Webbafied Does it Justice album, and b) an exclusive Too Many Fish track, hot out of the inbox.

Webbafied - Webbafied Does it Justice

Too Many Fish - Subway Girl (YSI)
Too Many Fish - Subway Girl (zShare)

Hope you guys enjoy, i sure did.
Rock on

AC Vid

So AC finally released a video for 'New Soul', and its dope. Really just incredible.

He takes various apple commercials and products and blends them into a clean background and has animated picture effects a la D.A.N.C.E. I guess once everyone saw the potential for that medium with D.A.N.C.E and DVNO, they wanted in. Some people dont pull it off, but AC does. Definitely check out the video.

AC - New Soul

Rock it. Check back later for the second post

Monday, July 14, 2008

Eugene Francis Jnr

This guys myspace lists him as an alt/folk/electro artist, which intrigued me. Folksy electro is probably illegal in several countries. But this guy pulls it off. His recently released album, titled 'The Golden Beatle' can be found here, otherwise i would reccommend checking out his myspace. and of course, downloading the free tracks i gots for ya.

Eugene Francis Jnr - My Own Pollution (YSI)
Eugene Francis Jnr - My Own Pollution (zShare)

If your really diggin the track, check out a) this video, and b) support the guys music here.

Rock on

PS, big feature tomorrow night (hopefully)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just a Quickie

So ive been out and about all day, but wanted to get a quick blurb in, letting you readers know that there will be a big feature/hopefully interview in the next couple days. Keep watching. Also, i just wanted to share some more music. Duh

The Junior Victors are a group outa London/Essex. They just released an EP 'Juvenile', which i suggest you pick up, but have also released a few free tracks off their myspace. Lovin it

The Junior Victors - Jeanie Demo
The Junior Victors - Leather Jacket

Rock it, and keep lookin for the feature!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tons of Stuff

So im finally starting to feel like a legitimate blogger because bands are sending me stuff. Pretty cool. PS any bands that want to send me stuff get way bonus points/huge ups in getting posted. just fyi.

Today Chewy Chocolate Cookies, AC, and Black Moth Super Rainbow sent me some new stuff to rep. CCC Remixed Busy P's Pedrophilia, and its pretty typical of their style. Sorta glitchy, but very dancehall. Sample for yourself.

Busy P - Pedrophilia (CCC Remix)

Ok next up is AC. Remeber how he did Attack of the Blogs? He decided to keep the same sorta publicity and make it into a mixtape. Its got a grand total of 27 tracks. Yea, 27. Pretty sweet. Its also mad good, so it made me pretty excited. Hopefully youll feel the same.

AC - Attack of the Blogs Mixtape

Black Moth Super Rainbow is going to release a) an album and b) a cd of stuff that didnt make it to the album. Im assuming the only difference between the two is the price and how much they promote it. So basically theyre releasing two albums. Sweet. If thats not enough, they also put out a free outtakes EP sorta thing (basically a collection of tracks they didnt finish, didnt decide to let see the light of day, and other cool stuff like that). I, of course, have a link for ya.

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Bonus Drippers (YSI)
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Bonus Drippers (Sendspace)

Ok i think im going to cut myself off for now
Enjoy hombres

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Those of you who know something about the UK based Kitsune rockers Cazals must be wondering why im blogging about them now instead of a couple weeks ago when their EP, 'What of our Future', came out. Well, i just didnt dig them when it came out, and theyve grown on me. Also, i stumbled upon a great Moulinex Remix of 'Somebody Somewhere', which needs to be shared. The original is pretty tight too tho.

Cazals - Somebody Somewhere
Cazals - Somebody Somewhere (Moulinex Remix)

Rock it

Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Muja Messiah Vid

Muja Messiah just put out a vid for 'Patriot Act'. Its pretty dope.

If you guys havn't heard of this Minneapolis native, check his shit out. He even did a remix of one of my alltime fav songs, Paper Planes by M.I.A. Check it

Lovin it. If the vids arent enough, here are links to a couple of his tracks.

Muja Messiah - Amy Winehouse (Muja vs Umbrella)

M.I.A. - Paper Planes ft M.anifest (Muja Messiah's Louder Than Bombs Edit)

Rock it

Friday, July 4, 2008


This is a little different from the normal fare here at Aural Satisfaction, but this guys stuff is too cool to pass up. Pogo is an australian sampler, taking a lot of stuff from Disney films. The song 'Alice' is taken, duh, from Alice in Wonderland. Even the video is straight sampled. Check it out

This second one is sampled from 'The King and I', pretty legit.

Pretty damn cool. If ya dig the song, ive got the mp3 for ya, along with a couple others sampled from various Disney films. Guess which ones and comment me back

Pogo - Alice
Pogo - UnBirthday
Pogo - Bread and Butterflies


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chewy Chocolate Cookies

I hope all of you have had a chance to hear some of CCC's remixes. They are pretty spectacular. They released an EP recently, with 5 sweet tracks, which can be found on Beatport or Itunes, whichever tickles your fancy. But, if your too cheap, or still havnt been swayed to pick up the Pepites EP, Im gonna hit you up with a few remixes to wet your appatite.

Here are a few favs.

DJ Mehdi - Saharian Break (CCC Remix)
Justice - Genesis (CCC Remix)
The Toxic Avenger - Superheroes (CCC Remix)


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm not worthless

The Cool Kids - That's Stupid Mixtape

New AC

In the wake of Attack of the Blogs, AC has already started putting up more tracks. I wonder how much time he spends in the studio.

Anyway, heres 'On My Way'

AC - On My Way

Also, if you guys still don't have New Soul (my second most played track ever), ill post up a link for it. It is simply amazing. Yael Naim with rap. "These dudes be doin a lot of commercial tracks/ but they aint doin tracks from commercials". Represent

AC - New Soul


Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Prezzure is a cat ive been following for a few months, and he finally released an EP. 5 songs, 5 bucks. And its worth it. Hes a cat out of NYC, and teaches at the Optimus Academy, where they try to get kids off the streets by teaching em how to rap. Pretty sweet. Anyways, heres the link to pick up his EP, Penny IV My Thoughtz, Dollar IV My Dreamz.

Also, if you want more, hes got like 10 mixtapes on his myspace for free download, with tons of sweet material.