Saturday, July 26, 2008

James Pants

James Pants is getting lots of love from his label, Stones Throw. Hes an electro artist, but not in the way that he makes dance tracks. His stuff could be defined as experimental, except that its vetted by a big label. So, im going to define it as 'taking a little time to get to know, maybe hating it for a few minutes, but eventually deciding you want to take it out for dinner and a movie'. His debut album, 'Welcome' came out just a lil while ago. But its worth picking up if you dont have it.

If your unconvinced, watch him mess around in Egyptian gear in 'Cosmic Rapp'

And then download the tracks i gots for ya.

James Pants - Finger on the Knife (YSI)
James Pants - Finger on the Knife (zShare)

James Pants - We're Through (YSI)
James Pants - We're Through (zShare)

Rock it


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