Monday, June 30, 2008


After cruising the internet for a couple hours, i stumbled across a rumor that Justice will be producing the next Red Hot Chili Peppers album.

That pic says that Anthony Kiedis is a fan. Apparently the big man himself, Pedro Winter that is, dropped a hint that Justice was gonna be involved in the next album.

If thats true, itd be like musical crack. I, for one, am excited. To express my excitement, I'm going to pass on the video to Le Le's Breakfast. Totally twisted, but awesome.

Rock it

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Triple Feature

Ive got three things for ya. First up, Immuzikation threw up a new track on his myspace. Its a remix of Drop it Like its Hot, and its a thing of beauty. Head over and check it out on his page.

Next up, Paper Route Gangstaz started up a site yesterday, located here. In case you dont know, theyre a label out of Huntsville, Alabama. They have quite a few powerhouses on their roster, and are releasing a mixtape soon, 'Fear and Loathing in HuntsVegas', complete with awesome themed cover art.

Back to the website. The site features a few free songs to download, all great. My personal fav is the track from X.O.

X.O. - Grind Baby (ft. CeeCee)

Also, if your as much a fan as I was, put up a mixtape a little while back. Allow me to link it.

X.O. - The Takeover Pt 2 (Mixtape)

Ok, im almost out of steam, but Monday one of my favs, AC, dropped a little contest on the blogsphere. He put up like 2 grand worth of clothes to the first ten ppl to download 20 exclusive freestyles from 20 different blogs.

I of course spent like an hour rounding up the tracks, and hopefully ill get my hands on some outfits. But, if not, at least i have twenty freestyles to console myself with. And so do you! Ill put em all in a zip and send em over.

AC - Attack of the Blogs 20 Freestyles

Rock it

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Haunt Wizards

Ok, sorry its been a few days, ive been pretty under the weather. and we all know that my co bloggers are pretty worthless at picking up the slack. but i still love them, so you should too.

Anyways, if any of you are myspace freinds with I Haunt Wizards, youll know what im talking about with their ceaseless promoting. It brightens up my day. For those of you who have no idea what im talking about, they post a few bullitens daily, mostly completely ridiculous and focusing on Peter Parker and sex. Pretty gimmicky, but it makes me remember their name, so i guess thats mission accomplished. And their music is pretty good too. Let me post up one of their recent posts.

"Sex on Star Trek"

okay boys, who's first?

me, it's my first ...i mean i'm first

so what do i do with this MASSIVE genetalia i have?

ooo wow, someones gonna get LUCKY TONIGHT

is it me?


sweet, what star sign are you? i'm December 12th

what? that isn't a star sign ... that's just a date


hahaha nice one mate, you got NO chance


okay of all people... i dont know what YOU have to laugh about... i think you know what i mean


I hope you enjoy that as much as i do. Also, they have no tracks up for download that i can find, and myspace rips are just crummy mp3s. However, their EP will be out pretty soon, so hopefully a couple tracks will pop up. Ill post em up when i find em. until then, CLICK FOR DISCO POP!


Friday, June 20, 2008


Avalon is a group from Japan that ive been following for quite a while. Their music is sorta hard to catagorize, but it sounds like jazz met Simian Mobile Disco, had a baby, and that baby had a predelection for funk. Now, that doesnt really do them justice, cuz they have a pretty unique sound.

Anyways, the reason im bringing this up today is that they released a new track on their myspace called 'Andromeda Saint Chime'. Its pretty funk heavy, and you should definitely give it a listen.

I can't post that up, but i do have a couple tracks for ya off '4 Gospels for 2 Testaments'.

Avalon - Exodus Testament
Avalon - Avalonian's Shrine


Thursday, June 19, 2008


So just did an interview with Moulinex, who you may or may not have heard of. Hes a dj/producer out of Portugal, helped found D.I.S.C.O.TEXAS, and has released some amazing tracks that havn't really made it fully into the mainstream club scene. Hopefully everyone has at least heard their Lights and Music Remix. Its a killer.

Heres the link to the interview. and Moulinex's Myspace.

Annnnd not to leave you hanging, here are some sweet beats

Moulinex - Leisure Suit
Moulinex - Break Chops
Cut Copy - Lights & Music (Moulinex Remix)


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sexual Sportsware and a New Bands

So Sebastian Tellier has released a clothing line with American Apparel. Is anyone else as freaked out by those clothes as i am? who would wear something like that in public? probably italians in clubs. Maybe this guy.

But anyways, i spent like two hours listening to Bacu International Notoriety's Myspace. They are a rap group out of Miami, Florida, with great beats, pretty sweet messages, and great flow. I would highly recommend checking them out.

On to the second band, or singer in this case. Now, somehow Ayumi Hamasaki has dragged me back in. Remeber when Para One Remixed her a while back? Thats got nothing on MSTRKRFT's remix of 'Beautiful Fighters'. If your craving more tracks, hunt around the internet. Because she's sold 50 Million Records, shes all over the place.

Ayumi Hamasaki - Beautiful Fighters (MSTRKRFT Remix)



If you haven't heard, yet, hippies hate Kanye West. That's because all hippies were at Bonnaroo over the weekend, and were forced to wait in the freezing fog for more than two hours for Miss West to perform. And then he played for fourty minutes. And that world famous lightshow designed by Martin Phillips and John McGuire? Completely wasted, as two songs into his set, the sun came up.

The only thing bigger than the moon? Kanye's ego.

But I gotta hand it to Kanye. He is a diva, but divas know how to put on a show. He performed about eight of his hit songs, all remixed for his show. I could not, however, take any of the "script" seriously. The whole "theme" of Kanye's show is that he's trapped on a spaceship named Jane, and I guess he's passing the time by performing. The interaction between Kanye and Jane is hilarious. At one point, Kanye complains that he "needs pussy," and Jane helps him by creating holograms that dance to "Golddigger." The fuck.

Girl, I can see your panties.

More news from Bonnaroo: MIA might be retiring. She told the crowd that she was glad to be spending her last gig "with her hippies" and kept repeting that it was her "last show ever." Whether this means last show this summer or lifetime— who knows. If she is retiring, I'm glad to have seen her at her last show, but for all of us I pray that she isn't.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Special Double Feature

so i usually dont post twice in one day, but circumstances demand it. The Ting Tings just released a new vid for 'Shut Up and Let Me Go', probably my fav track of theirs. It features some weird camera angling, and, most importantly, a fight that reminded me of both the matrix and crouching tiger, hidden dragon. Quite a feat for a music video, eh?

The Ting Tings - Shut Up And Let Me Go

PS, comments on the new blog layout?

Steve Aoki

yea, i know its been a couple days, works been crazy. and by crazy i mean working at a nightclub and listening to mainstream hip hop for hours on end until my ears want to bleed. there is only so much 'sexy can i' before its sexy please dont.

anyways, ive recently become totally obsessed with Steve Aoki's mixtape. yea, im a little late to that scene, but whatever. The joint is called 'Pillowface and his Airplane Chronicles'

It features some sick guest drops, as well as just being an awesome listen, over and over. But i get ahead of myself. For those of you who dont know Aoki, hes a dj out in LA, founder of Dim Mak records (bloc party? klaxons?), and party dj extraordinare. also, his dad founded Benihana. But back to the guest drops. Spank Rock, Uffie, Kid Sister, Peaches, Mickey Avalon... Delicious. Im sorry i cant drop the whole mixtape, but ill throw up a few songs for your enjoyment/to convince you to pick up the mixtape.

Steve Aoki - Shake and Pop (ft Kid Sister and Green Velvet)

Steve Aoki - Wet n Wild (ft Mickey Avalon with KIM)

Steve Aoki - Helicopter (Weird Science Mix ft. Peaches)

Steve Aoki - Low Life (LA Riots Mix ft Uffie with Scanners)

Well, that should about do it for today, enjoy the tracks

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ed Banger

So the Ed Banger Newsletter just dropped into my inbox this morning, with some concert news, and another reminder about Busy P's new EP, 'Pedrophilia' (which drops june 23rd). The big news, at least to me, is that Pedro decided to sign another artist, one Mickey Moonlight. Hes out of the UK, and is pretty electro pop. Check out this clip (since i couldnt find any tracks to share).

Prettttty weird, but i like it. Ill post up some tracks if i find any later on.

While were on the news of Ed Banger, i stumbled upon the sample track for 'Pop the Glock' by Uffie last night. Its from Audio Two's track 'Top Billin''. I was completely caught off guard by how much Pop the Glock follows the rythm and even lyrics of Top Billin'. Listen for yourself.

Audio Two - Top Billin'

Uffie - Pop the Glock (zShare)

Now, im a fan of sampling and all, but i would almost say she goes too far. she uses the same hooks and a bunch of times the same first three or four words for a rhyme. For example, the start of Pop the Glock is

"MC Mic /
People Call Me Uff /
When I rock the party /
Bust a nut /
feadz is breakin' out the beat /
Shit be hotter .. Then Me "

And the start of Top Billin' is

"MC am I people call me Milk/
When I'm bustin up a party I feel no guilt/
Gizmo's cuttin, up for the/
Suckers that's, down with meeee!!"

I dunno, that seems like a pretty blatent rip off to me. Opinions? Comment it.

Friday, June 13, 2008

France Vs Australia

This is such a big topic in electro right now, maybe i should make it into a weekly post. maybe.
anyways, Mod Blog threw up a new Muscles video, for 'The Lake'. It features a bunch of kids sneaking into a pool that turns back and forth between a lake and a pool. Fairly odd, but in a good way.

Id say i give it a 8.5, on my arbitrary scale. Next up, on the french side, is a band i stumbled upon called Minitel Rose.

They are a trio from, duh, France. Their myspace has a buncha good tracks, and ive got one for you to download, curtosy of

Minitel Rose - Business Woman

Id give it about a 8.7, just a bit over Muscles.
I guess that leaves our official tally at France 1, Australia, 0.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Webbafied Does it Justice

Ok well ive been meaning to post about this guy for a while, but never got around to it. Remeber when everyone flipped a nut about 'Cross'? Admittedly, i did too. but then, about two months later, i stumbled across Webbafied. He took the whole Justice album, didnt mess with it at all, no treble, no remixing, nothing, and rapped over it. Yea, rapped over Justice. Now, not many of their songs are really fiddin for a rap. but he makes it work. I simply love it.

Even Justice loves it. Observe Xavier with the dirty stash with the man Webbafied.
On to the tracks. The whole album is up for free on his myspace.

Webbafied - Webbafied Does It Justice

If you couldnt get enough, like me, theres another album hidden on his second myspace. Yea, who has a second myspace? what a baller.

Webbafied - Hits of the Year Volume One

Its a collection of popular hits from 07, with his rapping instead, or his take on the song. Hes fairly visionary in seeing the theme of the song and redirecting it or complementing it. Especially with the Justice stuff.

Alright, ive had enough of his jock for one day, so ima sign off. Enjoy

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

dj remix superstar

I guess I'm guilty, too.

Lykke Li's Little Bit EP came out in March on LL recordings. Her full length, Youth Novels was released in her glorious motherland, Sweden, last year, and will be stateside sometime this summer. Here are some lovely remixes to tide you over:

Lykke Li - Little Bit (Diego Chavez Remix)
Lykke Li - I'm Good, I'm Gone (Black Kids Remix)

$ara takes flight

Well, I suppose I'm here to balance out all the DJ Remix Superstar stuff that John Calvin, née Smith, has been posting.

Getting ready for Bonnaroo in a few days, and while I am EXTREMELY EXCITED, I'm also extremly nervous. Saturday night is going to be absolutely insane, and too many decisions are going to have to be made.

1-2am: Chromeo
1:30-2:15am: Lupe Fiasco
1-3am: Sigur Rós
2:30-3:15: Talib Kweli
2:45-4:15am: Kanye West

From 8pm to 1am the only acts are Jack Johnson and Pearl Jam. What the fuck, Bonnaroo.

All I know is that I'm going to be at Sigur Rós for at least an hour. Their new song, "Gobbledigook," is fantastic. You can download it, as well as stream all of Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust at

Their new album drops June 16 on their website.

I'll be posting live from Bonnaroo over the weekend, so stay tuned!

Monday, June 9, 2008


I sorta wasted my afternoon watching cats spin turntables like it was their job. which it probably was, actually. Anyways, two favorites are DJ Kentaro and DJ Craze.

Thats Kentaro, looking like a baller with his golden turntables after winning the 2002 DMC World DJ Championships. Heres a vid of his winning performance.

Next up is DJ Craze. Hes a Nicaraguan immigrant, and won the DMC's three years in a row before they banned him from competing anymore (to let more people have a chance i guess).

Personally, Craze seems much crazier in his routines. Heres a vid. Judge for yourself.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Shanks Galore

As i sit here in yet another thunderstorm, with power and internet in dire jeopardy, i think to myself: If someone ran in here, what could i use as a shank to defend me my castle and my goods? And, well i didnt find an answer to that most basic and important question, i did find a few good bands with shanks galore. First up is Young Shank.

This guy is outa Cleveland, and follows a gangsta style of rapping. lots of slow beats, lots of diamonds, lots of grills and such. Its pretty solid. Anyways, you can cop his free mixtape off his myspace, or here.

Young Shank - Trap Orientation

Next up is Partyshank. yea, Partyshank. Some of there is stuff is straight up crunchy 8bit, but if you search around for a few remixes, it becomes more mainstream danceworthy. Heres a fav.

Partyshank - Penis vs Vagina (Lies in Disguise Remix)

Last up comes my shank band for the day with the best name. I Will Shank You For A Penny is half of Partyshank, and uses the 8bit a little differently.

He drops mad beats, with a little less overtly 8bit stuff. Heres 'Boots', which features some little kid yelling 'yea!' and 'I like it when the base drops!'. Classic

I Will Shank You For A Penny - Boots

Also, if you want, hes got a free mixtape on his myspace.

That is all for the shanks, and the storm has pretty much passed by. Laters!

Friday, June 6, 2008

3 Bands fo tha day

As the title would suggest, i ran across no less than three new bands. and since i am studiously avoiding writing a longer in depth artist review of some cats that deserve it (ill put one up soon, promise), ill drop a few tracks and links for ya.

First up is Circuit Freq, who are a couple of dudes out of Cali, who recently got featured on Discodust (read: im stealing to spread the love), and whos title track (and the only track on their myspace), 'Black Chrome', is a nasty nasty track. Fortunately for all of you out there, There are live links all over the place. Here it is!

Circuit Freq - Black Chrome

Next up is Mata aka the Dreadman. Hes a cat i ran into while surfin myspace. more specifically, the Paper Route Gangstaz label myspace. Mata is from Detroit, but raised on the streets of Selma, Alabama. His raps are great, as well as the Dj work. Rock it

Mata aka the Dreadman - 10 bo's

PS. I suggest running over to the dudes myspace, some of his other tracks showcase his rapping much better, but thats the only live link i could find.

Ok last for the day. Sunny Day Sets Fire. As if the picture wasnt great enough, CSS dropped a sick remix of their track 'Wilderness'. Its baller. I mean, if these kids can get away with flying on a paper crane, AND they can get CSS to take on their shit, theyve got to have something going for them. And indeed they do. They were recently put up on URB's top 1000 Movers. Apparently their goin somewhere. Like right out your speakers and into your ears. Enjoy

Sunny Day Sets Fire - Wilderness (CSS Remix)

Ok before i sign off, two side notes. URB is promoting Wale with some free hat love. and when i say free hat love, i mean like i really really want this hat. i dunno who wouldnt. Heres a pic.

Nasty? Ill say. Just like Mickey Avalon's new track dropped on his myspace. Its called 'Story of my Life'. I dig it, and so should you. While on the subject of Mickey Av, hes droppin a new album soon, should be good.

Alright, before i ramble any more, im out

Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Justice, New Twelves, New Tobacco

So i ran into three new tracks today, from three stellar artists. Heres my take on em.

First, Justice remixing MGMT? Who could ask for much more. The dynamic duo put a dirty, grungy feel into the mostly upbeat original. It comes out very processed, and very very nasty. Missingtoof dropped a version, the only one i could find, that was ripped off the radio apparently, and thus isnt complete. and is pretty shitty quality. BUT, i tell you now, it is still worth grabbing. Heres the link.

MGMT - Electric Feel (Justice Remix)

Next up is the Twelves. Theyve gone back and remixed more Black Kids. We all know how ballerific their edit of 'Boyfreind' was, right? In case you missed out heres the track.

Black Kids - Boyfriend (Twelves Edit)

On to the new track. It remixes Black Kids's 'Hurricane Jane'. Though admittedly not as huge as Boyfriend, its still a sick track. However, I couldnt find a link, so youll have to peruse their myspace. Sorry.

Last up is another brand new track without a download. Sorry. Black Moth Super Rainbow's side project, Tobacco just dropped a nasty track on their myspace. Its called 'Stretch Your Face.' To give you an idea of what it sounds like, ill throw up one of my favorite Black Moth Super Rainbow tracks.

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Forever Heavy


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dharma Bum

Well since micheal seems to have an aversion to blogging, Im going to blog about him. Makes sense? Not really. But, he did make a sick remix a little bit ago that I think needs to be blogged about. Its really nasty. He mashed up Crystal Castles 'Black Panther' and Fat Joe ft Lil Wayne 'Make it Rain'. What you get is the nasty dancehall track from Crystal Castles with Lil Wayne spittin about hoes. Good stuff.

He even made a video, the rockstar that he is.

Heres the track for download. Hope ya like it, cuz i do

Crystal Castles vs Lil Wayne - Make it Rain (Dharma Bum Mashup)

Dig it

Monday, June 2, 2008

New Shoes Remix

The Shoes, master remixers that they are, dropped a new track today. Its a little different from their remix of Mystery Jets's 'Young Love'. The new track is a remix of Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.'s track 'Find the Time'. It is pretty nasty. Unfortunately, the track hasnt dropped anywhere ive looked, so all i can do is say go the shoes myspace, and listen to the track there.If a link comes up, ill post it. Until then, relive the glory of 'Young Love.'

Mystery Jets - Young Love (Shoes Mix)

In other and completely unrelated news, I stumbled upon some ridiculously cool art on exhibit in Brooklyn this summer. The man goes by the name of Takashi Murakami. Hes a modern Japanese artist that blurs the line between anime and modern culture and so on. Heres a little sample.

Hope ya enjoy

Sunday, June 1, 2008


so im off work for a couple days. and to pass the time, i found this hot new band, Triceratron. They are the Paleontologist and the Verbavore out of San Diego since 2005.

Heres the vid for their track 'Cromagnan.' Fairly hilarious, but awesome.

If you dig the track, like i did, check out their site, and myspace.

Triceratron - Demo Tape