Thursday, July 24, 2008


Remember when i blogged about M.anifest? Hes recently teamed up with Krukid, this cat from Uganda. Im a big fan of the project, called A.R.M. Their style is african influenced beats with socially concientious rap. Both these cats have received numerous accolades, M.anifest was voted Twin Cities Songwriter of the Year, and Krukid's first two albums garnered a buncha fanfare.

The two tracks they sent me are really on point. Check em out.

A.R.M - Delilah (YSI)
A.R.M - Delilah (zShare)

A.R.M - Uprisin' (YSI)
A.R.M - Uprisin' (zShare)

Rock it

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Anonymous said...

incredible! this is some dope music.