Tuesday, July 22, 2008

50th Post/Show Review: Ting Tings at 930 Club

50 posts. I guess thats not really a huge number. But its a cool one anyways. Hopefully more than just a couple of my freinds are reading the blog at this point, and i hope its been good for you like its been good for me. Feel free to drop me comments if you think my musical choices are a) retarded, or b) enlightened or c) somewhere in the middle. Oh, and if any of you readers make good music, send it to me and ill try to accomodate. Loves ya!

Anyways, The Ting Tings played 9:30 Club in DC tonight. They came on after a sweet set by DC local DJ Will Eastman. Their set was ridiculously high energy, Katie White was like a little demon on stage. She was running around, dancing her heart out. The crowd ate it up, well at least to the third or fourth row. Then the crowd sorta sucked. Ah well. The only song that reached the whole audience was 'Great DJ'. The chorus had everyone jumping. Ballller. After that, they played Traffic Light, which sorta quieted things down. They then came back with the biggest song of their set was 'Shut Up and Let Me Go'. Their live version was amazing. They had a great rappor, and Katie White got up to some antics on the stage. She first threw her guitar, then wailed on a huge drum for like a minute before knocking it off of its stand. Then she grabbed a cowbell and just went at it. She must have had like 12 Red Bulls before the show. I wonder if they sponser her. Hmmm... Anyways, after 'Shut Up', they walked. This was 40 minutes after they picked up their instruments. What??? Who plays a 40 minute set to a full house? It really threw me. They came back about a minute later for an encore, playing 'Impacilla Carpisung', but after that they left. Either they wanted to just roll out, or they had nothing left to play. They did play their whole album, but they could have played us a couple covers, or demos for new stuff, or anything. But they walked. It was pretty dissapointing.

Well, they did play one hell of a show, even if it was way too short. Rockstars will be rockstars i guess. Also, sorry i dont have any pictures, i was dumb enough to forget my camera. Rough. If any of you have pics, feel free to send em. Otherwise ill troll the internet tomorrow and see what i can find.

Codebreaker - Riviera on the Moon (Will Eastman Remix)

The Ting Tings - Great DJ

PS. Dharma Bum (you know, that guy thats nominally on my blogging team but doesnt do shit) started up a film blog, Unreeled. Check it.


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