Monday, September 29, 2008

Her Space Holiday

First show on WRMC was last night, 930-1030 EST. It went pretty well. Ill try to put together a post with links to all or most of the songs later, but dont really have time now.

I do, however, have time to tell you to pick up the 'Sleepy Tigers EP' by Her Space Holiday. It is pretty indie rock, a little different from the normal electro i post. However, i simply fell in love when listening to it. So, here is the first song (and first single off of the upcoming album 'XOXO Panda, and the New Kid Revival.')

Her Space Holiday - Sleepy Tigers (YSI)
Her Space Holiday - Sleepy Tigers (zShare)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Triceratron Video, New Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix

My inbox has been poppin with all sorts of new stuff. Its pretty exciting. First up is a video for one of my favs, Triceratron. Its for the song Iguanodon Automaton. Check it

They also hooked me up with a sweet remix of Was (Not Was)'s track 'Walk the Dinosaur'. Its pretty fantastic.

Was (Not Was) - Walk the Dinosaur (Triceratron Remix) (YSI)
Was (Not Was) - Walk the Dinosaur (Triceratron Remix) (zShare)

Speaking of Remixes, Chewy Chocolate Cookies sent me a mix of Buy Now!'s 'Body Crash'. Enjoy

Buy Now! - Body Crash (CCC Remix) (YSI)
Buy Now! - Body Crash (CCC Remix) (zShare)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The guys over at Binary (myspace) have been sending me great stuff. Some tracks from one of their new artists, NightWaves, and I'm lovin it. As far as i know, this is a Aural Satisfaction exclusive, at least for the moment. Pretty stoked.

It is really hard for me to peg the sound of 'Blue Dress', so Ill just go with Binary's description. 'Think of it as a walk down the beach at sunset with the Pacific ocean crashing right next to you.' That fits pretty well, if you associate the beach with disco synthyness. Its pretty great. Anyways, heres the track, hope you enjoy.

NightWaves - Blue Dress (YSI)

NightWaves - Blue Dress (zShare)

And a Mix from them

NightWaves - The Dreamwave Hour

Lastly, for those readers among you who live in LA, i would suggest getting your ass out to Binary's FREE show Oct 6th at Dragonfly in Hollywood. It sounds pretty special. Check out the event info at the Binary Myspace.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Sky Asleep

My man The Sky Asleep sent me a few fresh tracks the other day, and im sorry im just getting around to posting them. He is an electro musician by the name of Maurice from Cologne, Germany, and his stuff is great. I am absolutely in love with the song 'The Good Times'. Its just so synthy and soothing, but with a bit of pip to it too.

The Sky Asleep - The Good Times (YSI)

The Sky Asleep - The Good Times (zShare)

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Ive been fighting off a nasty little bug this week, so sorry for the lost blogyears. i hope you got your fix of music bliss from other sources.

However, i am back on my feet, and grading about 10 cds today for WRMC, my beautiful radio station. I just came across Rafter, who has a sorta glitchy electro rock thing going on, with lots of extra noises, just the kind of blips and bloops i love. I found his 'Sweaty Love EP' sitting on the shelf waiting for someone to take it home and give it a grade so it could safely explore the airwaves.

I gave it a solid B+. Its not the best record ive heard this year, but its certainly far from the worst. I really like the production, and how many layers are thrown all together. It really sings to me. Especially its vaguely afrofunk melodies.

Here are a couple tracks for you to sample, hope you enjoy.

Rafter - Magic (YSI)
Rafter - Magic (zShare)

Rafter - Sassy (YSI)
Rafter - Sassy (zShare)

PS, now that i am a music manager for WRMC, if any labels want to send in music for airplay on a college radio station, shoot me an email or a myspace message and ill hook you up with some details. Music is always appreciated!

Monday, September 15, 2008


So my radio show is official confirmed, 930-1030 EST on Sunday nights. If ya wanna listen in, the link is I am also going to be blogging for, though not as frequently as for you, my readers.

In other news, I am completely in love with We Have Band. Definitely worth checking out. They are an unsigned disco-rock trio out of London, three piece, and simply amazing.

We Have Band - You Came Out (YSI)
We Have Band - You Came Out (zShare)

Friday, September 12, 2008


M.I.A launched her clothing line, which is totally baller. But is also some of the most expensive shit ive ever seen. Who pays $75 for a tee and $210 for a jacket? Wow bitch, wow. I guess it comes from having 'Paper Planes' remixed like 200o times.

M.I.A - Paper Planes (ft 50 Cent) (YSI)
M.I.A - Paper Planes (ft 50 Cent) (zShare)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My radio show should start up sometime next week (its at a yet to be determined time, ill keep you posted). Ive spent the day thinking about what i want to theme it around/play all the time. Im definitely thinking 8bit. Should be a good time.

In the meantime, let me introduce you to one of my favorite 8bit artists. I, Cactus (better known under another moniker: Khonnor), is from the great state of Vermont, and produces some pretty sweet chiptune sounds. Im really digging a couple of his tracks, which i of course will share.

I, Cactus - Bamboo Cactus (YSI)
I, Cactus - Bamboo Cactus (zShare)

Khonnor - Blindness Bats (YSI)
Khonnor - Blindness Bats (zShare)

Monday, September 8, 2008

My Tiger My Timing

These guys officialy win the award for first track sent to my drop box. I was pretty excited when I got a little email telling me someone was giving me music, so i just had to blog about it.

My Tiger My Timing is a 4 piece electro/pop/afrobeat/zouk band from London. They all sing, on the tracks, which give them a really cool sound. And im really in love with the drums on the track they sent me, 'This Is Not The Fire'. Check em out

My Tiger My Timing - This is Not the Fire (YSI)

My Tiger My Timing - This is Not the Fire (zShare)

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Sorry ive been a little slow in posting, school is just getting into full swing. Hopefully ill have enough time to blog at least every other day. Hopefully.

You might have also noticed the dropbox on the right bar. Feel free to send me tracks through that (im always on the prowl for new stuff). It makes it a little easier than having to send shit through zshare and email and whatnot.

Ok, so now that thats out of the way, music. A few tracks have had me going the last few days. First up is Boy+Girl's remix of Young Lovers's track 'Talking in French'. Its fantastic.

Young Lovers - Talking In French (Boy+Girl Remix) (YSI)

Young Lovers - Talking In French (Boy+Girl Remix) (zShare)

Other than that, Late of the Pier has pretty much taken up all of my time. Their new album, Fantasy Black Channel (Itunes), is simply amazing. I guess im a couple weeks late in blogging about this (ie ten years in blog time), but i just recently grabbed it. And i suggest you do the same.

Late of the Pier - Broken (YSI)
Late of the Pier - Broken (zShare)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Return to Mono

Return to Mono hit me up on myspace yesterday, and im really feelin their stuff. They are Tanya Kelleher on vocals, Andy Sybilrud on keyboards and electronics, and Jim Paulos on guitar and bass. Kelleher's vocals are what really make this ambient electrorock special to me. Check em out!

Return to Mono - Losing Faith (YSI)
Return to Mono - Losing Faith (zShare)