Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ratatat Remixed?

So Ratatat has been pretty high up in my playlists recently, but I got to thinking, have they been remixed? Cuz they put up all these free remix albums, but i hadnt heard them get worked over by anyone else. So i dug up a couple cuts from the bloglands, and they were spectacular. and of course i have them to share with ya.

Ratatat - Falcon Jab (Copy Remix) (YSI)

Ratatat - Mirando (YACHT Remix) (YSI)

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The Kids are RADIOACTIVE is 17 yr old Jordan Carrillo from LA, just sent me some truly great tracks. Theyve been on nonstop rotation in my itunes. Plus, anyone who can churn out shit like this at the age of 17 deserves watching and repping, im hoping for big things from him in the future. Anyways, he sent me a bunch of tracks and his free demo EP, 'Murder on the Dance Floor'. Ill post up my fav couple tracks and a link to the EP if ya wanna take a gander.

The Kids are RADIOACTIVE - Higher (ft LexiconDon) (zShare)

Cryptonites - I Can't Give You Up (The Kids are RADIOACTIVE Remix) (zShare)

Murder on the Dancefloor EP

PS, ill try to up YSI links later, YSI is giving me grief today

Monday, August 25, 2008

Almamy, New Matt and Kim

NYC-based Almamy hooked us up with some fresh tracks today. Definitely worth checking out. His voice is totally ridiculous, but fits perfectly over his hooks, making it quite the experience. Plus, hes originally from Senegal, and we all know how much i love african artists.

Almamy - French Kiss
Almamy - Like You Do (En Masse 'Like We Do' Remix)

You can grab the French Kiss single on Itunes.

In other important electro news, rcrdlbl has some exclusive shit from Matt and Kim, who you probably should have heard of. Anyways, their new track, 'Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare' is really delicious. Since its on rcrdlbl, i cant rehost it, but heres the link so you can grab it from them. (Link)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Swagger like Us and Hellafied

So 'Swagger Like Us' (Kanye, Jay-Z, T.I., and Lil Wayne dropping on a M.I.A sample) exploded all over the blogs today. Unfortunately, almost everyone was asked to take it down so I probably shouldnt post it up for ya. However, I will link ya too where you can find it. Check it at elitaste. (Link)

Second part of this post is dedicated to this cat who sold me a tape on the street of NYC. I finally got my cd drive repaired, ripped it, and have been lovin it. The cats name is Hellafied, on Square Free Records. However, upon searching the internets, i found nothing on or by him or his label (not even a picture!). So, all you get is a couple tracks. If someone else sees something on this guy, feel free to send me an email and ill post it up!

Hellafied - Make Moves (YSI)
Hellafied - Make Moves (zShare)

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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Chewy Chocolate Cookies
released a remix of Santogold's 'Creator' today, which is pretty on point. Im a huge fan of Santi, and CCC puts their own touch on it. Check it

Santogold - Creator (CCC Remix) (YSI)
Santogold - Creator (CCC Remix) (zShare)

Also fresh out the inbox, AC sent me a new track called 'T.O.N.Y' featuring Solange, a singer from Houston. Its worth checkin out

AC ft Solange - T.O.N.Y (YSI)

AC ft Solange - T.O.N.Y (zShare)

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Final Outlaw Vid

Check this out, its a pretty harsh look at the struggles of Hip Hop, delivered in an unflinching matter by Final Outlaw.

Check it

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Reformat the Planet

Check this out while its streaming on its a movie about the 8bit scene, and is way baller. check it here.


Also, check out this Bit Shifter song by the same name.

Bit Shifter - Reformat the Planet (YSI)
Bit Shifter - Reformat the Planet (zshare)

Rock it

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Polish Ambassador

I dont know what has taken me so long to blog about this guy, cuz he hooked me with his stuff almost half a year ago. I guess its wanting to save writing about him for a rainy day. and lo and behold, its rainy, and im in a bit of a musical slump.

The Polish Ambassador, or David Sugalski, or as he describes himself, 'Poland's Ambassador to the Universe', rips out pure techno beats, sans vocals. What he lacks in lyrics he makes up for in heavily layered tracks that generate their own emotion in the universal language of music.

Its really worth it to check out his self history on his web site, i dont know how he comes up with this stuff, let alone bases a music career on it.

He released two albums in 2k7, The Phantasmal Farm and Diplomatic Immunity.

Heres my fav track off of Phantasmal Farm

The Polish Ambassador - Astro-American Anthem (YSI)

The Polish Ambassador - Astro-American Anthem (zShare)

As to Diplomatic Immunity, Sugalski describes his effort with this story:

"Unfortunately, certain nations still do not recognize my status as an ambassador. Perhaps it is because I am "without birth certificate". They seem to be missing the point. I am an ambassador to the universe. It really pains me that on the great planet of Hopskotch Lippy, I have my own country, a free E-Z pass through the Orbital Noobula Skyway, and a sanitation system named after me. But here, I share a two bedroom, one bath garden apartment with a concubine robot named Trudy. While she is programmed with 100 cookbooks full of offal recipes, sometimes its just not enough.

I made this album to demonstrate my apptitude for an ambassadorial position, specifically to Poland, a nation whose political and cultural merits are often overlooked. I'm not quite sure if its official yet, but someone keeps sending me a weekly package of Makowiec.

Please listen to and purchase this album and then contact your local and national government authorities to inform them of my Diplomatic Immunity. Thank you for your support. You're family and friends are in my thoughts."

Interesting to say the least. Heres the vid for 'Earth Versus the World'

And if you wanted the track, here it is!

The Polish Ambassador - Earth Versus the World (YSI)

The Polish Ambassador - Earth Versus the World (zShare)

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Muke - Shutterspeed Lullabies

MUKE – Shutterspeed Lullabies (2008 – Unreleased)
Grade: 8/10

Muke is Madeline Liebowitz and Luke Kuzava, two college students who started making music on a whim. From their bio, they “had nothing much to do one day and decided to try and record something on Maddie’s iBook,” which ended up being the first song on their album, ‘Shutterspeed Lullabies’. This song is also incidentally my favorite, ‘Dreamsicle’. Though lacking real lyrics, and having layering created by beatboxing into a mac, it still manages to be wonderful. Madeline’s vocals and the interesting use of percussion make this track one to definitely check out.

Moving on into the album, ‘Dreamsicle’ is followed by the more mellow ‘Sirens’ and the whimsical ‘Clockwork’. Clockwork features more of the cool percussion (including something of a beatboxing solo) that is one of the defining features of the album. The percussion is especially interesting because neither of them is trained in percussion. Their lack of classical influences lets them experiment uninhibited with “numerous random percussive, instruments from knives and spatulas to wooden frogs.” ‘Electric Skyline’ is another mellow track, followed by ‘Swingsets’. Swingsets features similar vocals to Dreamsicle, merely calmed down. The use of vocals other than words is the second big defining feature of the album. It does get a bit repetitive towards the end of the album or with multiple listens, but Madeline’s voice is still very enjoyable.

‘Hamburger Waltz’ is another gem in this album. The lyrics could be a commercial for a burger joint, and would sound ridiculous if the delivery didn’t sound so serious. The lo-fi guitar solo in the middle makes this track a keeper. The final track, ‘Hanglider’ does not benefit from the faded vocals, but otherwise the slow lullaby is a great way to end the album.

Overall, this album is one you should check out if you’re into the acoustic scene, like cool percussion, or like the tracks I posted. Even though this is pretty far from my traditional fare, took a break and found time to sit back and enjoy. And you should too.

Muke - Dreamsicle (YSI)

Muke - Dreamsicle (zShare)

Muke - The Hamburger Waltz (YSI)
Muke - The Hamburger Waltz (zShare)


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Into Infinity

This is a really cool project i just heard about, jointly set up by dublab and Creative Commons. Its called 'Into Infinity'. It is basically a bunch of sweet art and cool sound loops released under the Creative Commons License. Meaning you can download any of the loops and make a song. (which is actually the aim of the project).

"Into Infinity is all about embracing the infinite possibilities of art and music," says Mark McNeill, dublab's founder."These works are available to everyone in the world to reshape, remix, and redesign as many times over as possible. We can't wait to see all of the creative ways people use them."

"Sampling, remixing, and repurposing other people's work has resulted in some of the greatest art of our times," says Eric Steuer, Creative Commons' creative director. "With this project, we want to make the statement that this sort of creativity should not only be legal, but also explicitly encouraged."

Check it all out at

Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Prezzure

Prezzure just sent me a joint off his newest creation, iRhyme 2.0, to be released 8/8/08. The songs called 'Ova Here', and its worth checking out. Also, Im posting up my fav track of his, Mr. Blue.

Prezzure - Ova Here (YSI)

Prezzure - Ova Here (zShare)

Prezzure - Mr. Blue (YSI)
Prezzure - Mr. Blue (zShare)


Friday, August 1, 2008

'Skinny Jeans' Video

I know this has been kicking around for a while, but i didn't feel like digging out any new cuts today. Plus, this song is great. Le Le's 'Skinny Jeans'.

Also, a couple album reviews in the works, should be ready soon with some ballin new tracks.