Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Chromeo Vid, New LA Riots Mix, Crash Overdrive

Chromeo just released a vid for 'Momma's Boy', one of my fav songs off of Fancy Footwork. Its all black and white, and sorta slow, but so is the song so it works. Check it

In other news, the LA Riots just released a new mix they did for radio. Its pretty sweet. Check the track listing.

And of course, the mix

LA Riots - TCM Mix

While were on the topic of LA artists, this guy, Crash Overdrive, sent me some of his stuff recently. Its really grungy, dare i say justicey, and just plain killer.

After a little email correspondence, he let me know that he didnt want to have a lot of info about himself on the blogosphere, hed rather let the music do the talking. Respect. He says "The core idea behind Crash Overdrive was to create huge dancefloor destroyers" and "the Crash Overdrive theme is still solidifying from a foggy concept of implied cyber punk references, [but] the music itself already where I'd like it to be. There is already a live set created." I for one, can't wait to hear more from this guy. He has a few sweet tracks up for download on his myspace, including an awesome mix of Stevie Nicks' Edge of Seventeen.

Crash Overdrive - Edge of Seventeen Mix (YSI)

Crash Overdrive - Edge of Seventeen Mix (zShare)

Crash Overdrive - Crash and Burn (YSI)
Crash Overdrive - Crash and Burn (zShare)


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Anonymous said...

holy carp!!!! edge of seventeen is srsly great.