Thursday, June 26, 2008

Triple Feature

Ive got three things for ya. First up, Immuzikation threw up a new track on his myspace. Its a remix of Drop it Like its Hot, and its a thing of beauty. Head over and check it out on his page.

Next up, Paper Route Gangstaz started up a site yesterday, located here. In case you dont know, theyre a label out of Huntsville, Alabama. They have quite a few powerhouses on their roster, and are releasing a mixtape soon, 'Fear and Loathing in HuntsVegas', complete with awesome themed cover art.

Back to the website. The site features a few free songs to download, all great. My personal fav is the track from X.O.

X.O. - Grind Baby (ft. CeeCee)

Also, if your as much a fan as I was, put up a mixtape a little while back. Allow me to link it.

X.O. - The Takeover Pt 2 (Mixtape)

Ok, im almost out of steam, but Monday one of my favs, AC, dropped a little contest on the blogsphere. He put up like 2 grand worth of clothes to the first ten ppl to download 20 exclusive freestyles from 20 different blogs.

I of course spent like an hour rounding up the tracks, and hopefully ill get my hands on some outfits. But, if not, at least i have twenty freestyles to console myself with. And so do you! Ill put em all in a zip and send em over.

AC - Attack of the Blogs 20 Freestyles

Rock it

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