Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Steve Aoki

yea, i know its been a couple days, works been crazy. and by crazy i mean working at a nightclub and listening to mainstream hip hop for hours on end until my ears want to bleed. there is only so much 'sexy can i' before its sexy please dont.

anyways, ive recently become totally obsessed with Steve Aoki's mixtape. yea, im a little late to that scene, but whatever. The joint is called 'Pillowface and his Airplane Chronicles'

It features some sick guest drops, as well as just being an awesome listen, over and over. But i get ahead of myself. For those of you who dont know Aoki, hes a dj out in LA, founder of Dim Mak records (bloc party? klaxons?), and party dj extraordinare. also, his dad founded Benihana. But back to the guest drops. Spank Rock, Uffie, Kid Sister, Peaches, Mickey Avalon... Delicious. Im sorry i cant drop the whole mixtape, but ill throw up a few songs for your enjoyment/to convince you to pick up the mixtape.

Steve Aoki - Shake and Pop (ft Kid Sister and Green Velvet)

Steve Aoki - Wet n Wild (ft Mickey Avalon with KIM)

Steve Aoki - Helicopter (Weird Science Mix ft. Peaches)

Steve Aoki - Low Life (LA Riots Mix ft Uffie with Scanners)

Well, that should about do it for today, enjoy the tracks

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