Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Webbafied Does it Justice

Ok well ive been meaning to post about this guy for a while, but never got around to it. Remeber when everyone flipped a nut about 'Cross'? Admittedly, i did too. but then, about two months later, i stumbled across Webbafied. He took the whole Justice album, didnt mess with it at all, no treble, no remixing, nothing, and rapped over it. Yea, rapped over Justice. Now, not many of their songs are really fiddin for a rap. but he makes it work. I simply love it.

Even Justice loves it. Observe Xavier with the dirty stash with the man Webbafied.
On to the tracks. The whole album is up for free on his myspace.

Webbafied - Webbafied Does It Justice

If you couldnt get enough, like me, theres another album hidden on his second myspace. Yea, who has a second myspace? what a baller.

Webbafied - Hits of the Year Volume One

Its a collection of popular hits from 07, with his rapping instead, or his take on the song. Hes fairly visionary in seeing the theme of the song and redirecting it or complementing it. Especially with the Justice stuff.

Alright, ive had enough of his jock for one day, so ima sign off. Enjoy

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