Friday, June 6, 2008

3 Bands fo tha day

As the title would suggest, i ran across no less than three new bands. and since i am studiously avoiding writing a longer in depth artist review of some cats that deserve it (ill put one up soon, promise), ill drop a few tracks and links for ya.

First up is Circuit Freq, who are a couple of dudes out of Cali, who recently got featured on Discodust (read: im stealing to spread the love), and whos title track (and the only track on their myspace), 'Black Chrome', is a nasty nasty track. Fortunately for all of you out there, There are live links all over the place. Here it is!

Circuit Freq - Black Chrome

Next up is Mata aka the Dreadman. Hes a cat i ran into while surfin myspace. more specifically, the Paper Route Gangstaz label myspace. Mata is from Detroit, but raised on the streets of Selma, Alabama. His raps are great, as well as the Dj work. Rock it

Mata aka the Dreadman - 10 bo's

PS. I suggest running over to the dudes myspace, some of his other tracks showcase his rapping much better, but thats the only live link i could find.

Ok last for the day. Sunny Day Sets Fire. As if the picture wasnt great enough, CSS dropped a sick remix of their track 'Wilderness'. Its baller. I mean, if these kids can get away with flying on a paper crane, AND they can get CSS to take on their shit, theyve got to have something going for them. And indeed they do. They were recently put up on URB's top 1000 Movers. Apparently their goin somewhere. Like right out your speakers and into your ears. Enjoy

Sunny Day Sets Fire - Wilderness (CSS Remix)

Ok before i sign off, two side notes. URB is promoting Wale with some free hat love. and when i say free hat love, i mean like i really really want this hat. i dunno who wouldnt. Heres a pic.

Nasty? Ill say. Just like Mickey Avalon's new track dropped on his myspace. Its called 'Story of my Life'. I dig it, and so should you. While on the subject of Mickey Av, hes droppin a new album soon, should be good.

Alright, before i ramble any more, im out

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