Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Haunt Wizards

Ok, sorry its been a few days, ive been pretty under the weather. and we all know that my co bloggers are pretty worthless at picking up the slack. but i still love them, so you should too.

Anyways, if any of you are myspace freinds with I Haunt Wizards, youll know what im talking about with their ceaseless promoting. It brightens up my day. For those of you who have no idea what im talking about, they post a few bullitens daily, mostly completely ridiculous and focusing on Peter Parker and sex. Pretty gimmicky, but it makes me remember their name, so i guess thats mission accomplished. And their music is pretty good too. Let me post up one of their recent posts.

"Sex on Star Trek"

okay boys, who's first?

me, it's my first ...i mean i'm first

so what do i do with this MASSIVE genetalia i have?

ooo wow, someones gonna get LUCKY TONIGHT

is it me?


sweet, what star sign are you? i'm December 12th

what? that isn't a star sign ... that's just a date


hahaha nice one mate, you got NO chance


okay of all people... i dont know what YOU have to laugh about... i think you know what i mean


I hope you enjoy that as much as i do. Also, they have no tracks up for download that i can find, and myspace rips are just crummy mp3s. However, their EP will be out pretty soon, so hopefully a couple tracks will pop up. Ill post em up when i find em. until then, CLICK FOR DISCO POP!


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