Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ed Banger

So the Ed Banger Newsletter just dropped into my inbox this morning, with some concert news, and another reminder about Busy P's new EP, 'Pedrophilia' (which drops june 23rd). The big news, at least to me, is that Pedro decided to sign another artist, one Mickey Moonlight. Hes out of the UK, and is pretty electro pop. Check out this clip (since i couldnt find any tracks to share).

Prettttty weird, but i like it. Ill post up some tracks if i find any later on.

While were on the news of Ed Banger, i stumbled upon the sample track for 'Pop the Glock' by Uffie last night. Its from Audio Two's track 'Top Billin''. I was completely caught off guard by how much Pop the Glock follows the rythm and even lyrics of Top Billin'. Listen for yourself.

Audio Two - Top Billin'

Uffie - Pop the Glock (zShare)

Now, im a fan of sampling and all, but i would almost say she goes too far. she uses the same hooks and a bunch of times the same first three or four words for a rhyme. For example, the start of Pop the Glock is

"MC Mic /
People Call Me Uff /
When I rock the party /
Bust a nut /
feadz is breakin' out the beat /
Shit be hotter .. Then Me "

And the start of Top Billin' is

"MC am I people call me Milk/
When I'm bustin up a party I feel no guilt/
Gizmo's cuttin, up for the/
Suckers that's, down with meeee!!"

I dunno, that seems like a pretty blatent rip off to me. Opinions? Comment it.

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lolitahazed said...

"Pop the Glock" is a very unfortunate old-school rip-off. I had never been a person well-informed in the fields of old-school, but I knew it was a rip-off from the start-- people have been stealing from "Top Billin'" since it came out almost two decades ago. Love Uff, but it's a shame. Her original stuff is better, IMO. Allll the lyrics are straight-off "Top Billin'", but it was pretty much her first song anyway, I don't think she expected it to go anywhere.