Wednesday, June 18, 2008


If you haven't heard, yet, hippies hate Kanye West. That's because all hippies were at Bonnaroo over the weekend, and were forced to wait in the freezing fog for more than two hours for Miss West to perform. And then he played for fourty minutes. And that world famous lightshow designed by Martin Phillips and John McGuire? Completely wasted, as two songs into his set, the sun came up.

The only thing bigger than the moon? Kanye's ego.

But I gotta hand it to Kanye. He is a diva, but divas know how to put on a show. He performed about eight of his hit songs, all remixed for his show. I could not, however, take any of the "script" seriously. The whole "theme" of Kanye's show is that he's trapped on a spaceship named Jane, and I guess he's passing the time by performing. The interaction between Kanye and Jane is hilarious. At one point, Kanye complains that he "needs pussy," and Jane helps him by creating holograms that dance to "Golddigger." The fuck.

Girl, I can see your panties.

More news from Bonnaroo: MIA might be retiring. She told the crowd that she was glad to be spending her last gig "with her hippies" and kept repeting that it was her "last show ever." Whether this means last show this summer or lifetime— who knows. If she is retiring, I'm glad to have seen her at her last show, but for all of us I pray that she isn't.

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