Friday, June 13, 2008

France Vs Australia

This is such a big topic in electro right now, maybe i should make it into a weekly post. maybe.
anyways, Mod Blog threw up a new Muscles video, for 'The Lake'. It features a bunch of kids sneaking into a pool that turns back and forth between a lake and a pool. Fairly odd, but in a good way.

Id say i give it a 8.5, on my arbitrary scale. Next up, on the french side, is a band i stumbled upon called Minitel Rose.

They are a trio from, duh, France. Their myspace has a buncha good tracks, and ive got one for you to download, curtosy of

Minitel Rose - Business Woman

Id give it about a 8.7, just a bit over Muscles.
I guess that leaves our official tally at France 1, Australia, 0.

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