Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The Kids are RADIOACTIVE is 17 yr old Jordan Carrillo from LA, just sent me some truly great tracks. Theyve been on nonstop rotation in my itunes. Plus, anyone who can churn out shit like this at the age of 17 deserves watching and repping, im hoping for big things from him in the future. Anyways, he sent me a bunch of tracks and his free demo EP, 'Murder on the Dance Floor'. Ill post up my fav couple tracks and a link to the EP if ya wanna take a gander.

The Kids are RADIOACTIVE - Higher (ft LexiconDon) (zShare)

Cryptonites - I Can't Give You Up (The Kids are RADIOACTIVE Remix) (zShare)

Murder on the Dancefloor EP

PS, ill try to up YSI links later, YSI is giving me grief today


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