Monday, August 25, 2008

Almamy, New Matt and Kim

NYC-based Almamy hooked us up with some fresh tracks today. Definitely worth checking out. His voice is totally ridiculous, but fits perfectly over his hooks, making it quite the experience. Plus, hes originally from Senegal, and we all know how much i love african artists.

Almamy - French Kiss
Almamy - Like You Do (En Masse 'Like We Do' Remix)

You can grab the French Kiss single on Itunes.

In other important electro news, rcrdlbl has some exclusive shit from Matt and Kim, who you probably should have heard of. Anyways, their new track, 'Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare' is really delicious. Since its on rcrdlbl, i cant rehost it, but heres the link so you can grab it from them. (Link)

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