Friday, February 13, 2009

Fare Soldi Remixed

A couple sweet remixes of Fare Soldi's 'Survivor' just dropped into my box. Fare Soldi are Udine, Italy based synthrockers with a definite pop flair. The original is pretty sweet, but the remixes are pure gold. First up is Saint Pauli, one of my fav acts (who don't get enough exposure in my opinion).

The Saint Pauli remix has a nasty pumping bassline and some hot hot drums. This one is a definite killer. Also, if you havn't heard much from Saint Pauli, I would highly recomment picking up their 'Suden' EP.

Fare Soldi - Survivor (Saint Pauli Remix) (YSI) (zShare)

Next up is a remix by Keenhouse, who pumps out something a little more synthy and slow, that is until you get into it. The hook hits really hard, with a much more syth driven line than the previous mix.

Fare Soldi - Survivor (Keenhouse Remix) (YSI) (zShare)

Since I realized i hadn't yet posted about Saint Pauli, I thought id throw up a link to one of my fav tracks of last year. CHECK IT

The Floor Is Made of Lava - 5-Vice (Saint Pauli Remix)

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