Sunday, February 22, 2009


One of my boys, aka Bearplane ( aka Philippe, just mixed up a techno EP, entitled 'The Portrait of the Artist as a Dead Man'. Now, just because im prefacing this with the fact that I know him doesn't mean his stuff is going to be shittier than what i normally put up. His stuff covers quite a few different stylistic environments, but my two fav songs remind me a lot of Moulinex (which is a great thing, since Moulinex is dope).

Give em a listen, their worth it

Bearplane - Ultimate Gluttony (YSI) (zShare)
Bearplane - Slayviation (YSI) (zShare)


Miscreantik said...

fucking great, congrats philippe!!!

zenegra online said...

Nice pictures of bear plane.. so funny...Thanks for posting this blog..

Marc William said...
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