Tuesday, November 25, 2008


LexiconDon just hit me up with some sweet new (exclusive!) tracks for your ears.

"LexiconDon is Alex Koons from Seattle, WA, transplanted to LA. He comes from a hip-hop background, but his recent transformation into synth pop hookmaster was too much for us to ignore. He got to LA and just flipped his whole style up. He's got plenty of that LA swagger, but his voice is straight Cure. It's pretty hard to keep these songs out of your head. Binary artists Fabian and On Off On are behind the production on his songs."

Right on, his synthwork is pretty spectacular, highly recommended.

LexiconDon - Nothings on the TV (Turn the Radio on) (YSI)

LexiconDon - Nothings on the TV (Turn the Radio on) (zShare)

LexiconDon - Dance Floor Affair (YSI)
LexiconDon - Dance Floor Affair (zShare)

If your in the LA area, I would highly recommend hitting up the Binary show with The Twelves, December 9th. Check it.

PS, i put up an ad in the sidebar, if it works out ill be migrating to wordpress to escape all the shit blogger's been pulling. Hope ya don't mind.

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