Monday, November 3, 2008

DMCA Needs to Die

This would be the 100th post, except for all of the stupid DMCA takedowns. This is getting ridiculous. When I write something and put up music with the express email consent of an artist, what right does Blogger have to decide that its not legal? I mean its fine if an artist or promoter emailed me and asked me to take something down, sure i understand that. But when someone just decides that the content i work on must be illegal because it has a zshare link? That is absolutely absurd, and probably illegal. Im sure theres someone i could be suing if i was a billionare who wanted to take on googles legal team in the courts. But im not.

Im sorry to anyone who has been trying to find a post of mine that gets taken down, i promise its not on purpose.

PS, any other bloggers been having this issue a lot recently?


Patch said...

Hey man you left a comment on Arcadia about your takedowns. I just got another one for Coldplay which I was given to post. I added a link to 'Viva La Hova' (which I was told was ok'ed by both Coldplay and Jay Z) and BOOM no more post. This is getting OUT OF CONTROL. Maybe we should create a site just for people to complain... or is that what that Chilling Effects thing is?

John Calvin said...

Im not sure, but yea certainly something has to be done. Its completely unfair to us and the artists to remove legitimate work.