Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Psychic Attack of the Psyduck

This is the solo project of Eric August, called Psychic Attack of the Psyduck. Great name? Hell yes. Great sound? Hell yes. He blends in a lot of sample based music to make a mix of triphop, electro, downbeat, and yes, a bit of psychedelia. It all comes together in his new album, 'Secret Hiding Places', which is available for free download here. If your really digging his stuff, his first album is also up for free on his myspace (link above).

I wanna highlight a track for ya, so you dont have to grab the whole album if you just want a sampling. My fav track on the album is 'Wet Zebra'. It pulsates with its odd drum samples and rythmic riffs. Definitely worth checking out.

Psychic Attack of the Psyduck - Wet Zebra (YSI)

Psychic Attack of the Psyduck - Wet Zebra (zShare)


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