Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chromeo in Montreal

I saw Chromeo/Calvin Harris last weekend, and it was absolutely amazing. I only shuffled up enough photos to review Chromeo, but thats ok cuz they were the stars of the show.

Montreal’s L’Olympia Theater was packed. Several hundred people were milling around after Jamie Lidell’s set and before Chromeo came on. People started cheering as soon as the roadies brought out the famous neon legs. As the lights finally dimmed, a faint ‘Chrom-eo Oooooh’ could be heard. Like a magic signal, everyone rushed the stage, just in time for Dave1 and P-Thugg to saunter out to the adoring looks of their fans.

Dave 1 and P-Thugg (or David Macklovitch and Patrick Gemayel) are the real deal. They are a skinny supercool nerd (Dave1 is after his Columbia PhD in French Lit), and a thug complete with gold chains and the leather cap (who happens to be an accountant). They are self-described as "the only successful Arab/Jewish collaboration since the beginning of time." And successful they are.

They blasted into their set with tons of energy, with their first song “Tenderoni” getting everyone dancing. They managed to keep this happy dancing all the way through their set, complete with callouts to the crowd, asking them to sing along, telling them that they were rocking, and thanking them for their extremely apparent love. The strobe lights backing them made it impossible not to get caught up in the dancing fever that gripped the crowd.

As the set wound down with their first single “So Gangsta,” no one was ready to leave. They came out to the incredibly loud calls of “Oo ee Oh, Chromeo” to play their final song: “100%” After throwing the remainder of their drumsticks off into the crowd, they walked off with hundreds of people still yelling “Oo ee Oh” and dancing to the house DJ who slowly faded in, as if he was scared to try to match the glory of Chromeo’s crowd pleasing show.

It was fantastic, and i hope all of you go and see Chromeo the next time you possibly can.
Rock on

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