Saturday, September 20, 2008


Ive been fighting off a nasty little bug this week, so sorry for the lost blogyears. i hope you got your fix of music bliss from other sources.

However, i am back on my feet, and grading about 10 cds today for WRMC, my beautiful radio station. I just came across Rafter, who has a sorta glitchy electro rock thing going on, with lots of extra noises, just the kind of blips and bloops i love. I found his 'Sweaty Love EP' sitting on the shelf waiting for someone to take it home and give it a grade so it could safely explore the airwaves.

I gave it a solid B+. Its not the best record ive heard this year, but its certainly far from the worst. I really like the production, and how many layers are thrown all together. It really sings to me. Especially its vaguely afrofunk melodies.

Here are a couple tracks for you to sample, hope you enjoy.

Rafter - Magic (YSI)
Rafter - Magic (zShare)

Rafter - Sassy (YSI)
Rafter - Sassy (zShare)

PS, now that i am a music manager for WRMC, if any labels want to send in music for airplay on a college radio station, shoot me an email or a myspace message and ill hook you up with some details. Music is always appreciated!

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