Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The guys over at Binary (myspace) have been sending me great stuff. Some tracks from one of their new artists, NightWaves, and I'm lovin it. As far as i know, this is a Aural Satisfaction exclusive, at least for the moment. Pretty stoked.

It is really hard for me to peg the sound of 'Blue Dress', so Ill just go with Binary's description. 'Think of it as a walk down the beach at sunset with the Pacific ocean crashing right next to you.' That fits pretty well, if you associate the beach with disco synthyness. Its pretty great. Anyways, heres the track, hope you enjoy.

NightWaves - Blue Dress (YSI)

NightWaves - Blue Dress (zShare)

And a Mix from them

NightWaves - The Dreamwave Hour

Lastly, for those readers among you who live in LA, i would suggest getting your ass out to Binary's FREE show Oct 6th at Dragonfly in Hollywood. It sounds pretty special. Check out the event info at the Binary Myspace.

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