Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I really do not have the words to describe the email and mixtape that landed in my box a couple days ago. Check the message:


How have you been?

This time, Hoshina takes us to the galaxy.

He remixed 10 songs. They are concept albums that make galaxy a theme.

First of all, we recommend the thing to which it sequentially listens from No.1 to No.10.

Ten Remixes is one story like stars that exists in one Galaxy.

The same star is not in Galaxy as one. In the same way as, Remixes have the feature respectively.

The story receives the end by the last "Message In A Bottle".

The percussion sound in which time is ticked away rather forgets time.

It’s instant travel not to feel 40 minutes.

Became another year until 2010.

However, we cannot trip to space freely still.

Please experience a little early Galaxy travel in "Galaxy" Remixes / Hoshina Anniversary.

Have a nice Galaxy trip!

Thanks from the Far East,


and Check the remixes here.

Also, if you think its a little 'out there' listen to it from track one all the way through, it grows on you really fast. If ya want more, check the myspace here.

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The file was removed. 
But,new free file is here! Enjoy!