Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Don Diablo v Ting Tings

Don Diablo takes on The Ting Tings' 'Thats not my name' with a bit of a forthcoming track of his, and some serious vocal mixing. The result is 'Thats not my rave' a driven synthy track with some pulsing laser sounds and a sweet bassline. check itttt

Don Diablo v The Ting Tings - Thats Not My Rave (YSI) (Mediafire)


MrTingTing said...

Massive, simple massive. Thanks a lot!

India Pharmacy said...

That's not my name" and includes a forthcoming club banger by Don Diablo currently going under the work title of "Rave Rave Rave" and will be released through all online download portals in the next few weeks.